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Cosmetic Bonding

Modern lifestyle calls for stained and discolored teeth. Drinking colorful beverages and smoking can stain your teeth very easily. Methods like teeth cleaning and whitening might temporarily brighten your teeth, but the results will not be impressive if the stains are intense. The process of composite or cosmetic bonding will add a special tooth-colored resin to your teeth, which will improve its appearance. The treatment is painless and non-invasive- you will not be given local anesthesia, and there will not be any alterations in your teeth structure during this procedure.

The cosmetic bonding cures

One composite bonding can improve multiple dental appearance issues within less time. It can

  • Improve the appearance of your crooked teeth.
  • Close gaps between two teeth.
  • Cover stained teeth.

It offers great results in a single visit, and the process is quite affordable too. By taking good care of your teeth and visiting your dentist regularly, you can make the bonding last 5 to 7 years. The best part of using composite bonding is they do not break or get stained easily. Once you have opted for the cosmetic bonding treatment, you can have that pearly white smile in no time for years to come.

To undergo cosmetic bonding procedures, you need to have healthy oral conditions. Your dentist will check for gum diseases and periodontal problems, which can affect your jawbones in the future. In case of any oral issues, that is rectified first before proceeding with the cosmetic procedure. If you want to get the best quality cosmetic bonding treatment, come to Navarro Dental Clinic. Our dental professionals will give you all-round assistance and prepare your teeth for the procedure.