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Chipped or Cracked Tooth

Sudden blows on your face or unfortunate accidents can cause your teeth to chip or crack. If it happens to you, do not panic and rush to an emergency dentist. If you have a small chip on your tooth, you will not experience any pain; only if the chip is intense enough to expose the tooth’s inner layers where the nerve lies is when you will experience the pain. Cracks on the tooth, however, occur close to the gums and affect the enamel. It might also damage the tooth roots. Pain is undeniable here, and you will feel it more when you try to chew food. So if you have faced any accident recently or have a blow on your face, we would recommend visiting our emergency dentistry services at Navarro Dental Clinic.

Chipped tooth v.s Cracked tooth- Causes and remedies.

Both the problems might occur due to similar causes. Apart from accidents, poor hygiene and untreated cavities can make your teeth weak and more vulnerable to damage. Chips and cracks can also occur if you bite on something hard or get hit on your teeth directly while playing a sport.
Talking about the treatment procedure, they are slightly different. For chipped teeth, the treatment depends on the size and intensity of the damage. For small chips, smoothing and polishing your teeth will be enough. However, for bigger and intense chips, you might need solutions like crowns, fillings, etc. For larger chips, root canal therapy might be the only solution.

For smaller cracks, you might not need treatment at all. Your dentist will decide that after a thorough examination. But for a slightly larger crack, you would need a bonding procedure to hold the teeth together. In case the crack has damaged the tooth pulp, you might need root canal treatment followed by a crown.

So whatever might be the condition, it is essential to visit your dentist and seek immediate care and attention.