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Tooth Pain

Toothaches might occur due to underlying oral problems. If your tooth roots or neighboring teeth are infected, or there is a tooth injury, loss, etc., it might give rise to throbbing pain. Bacterial growth in your teeth and gums, periodontal problems, and damaged teeth are some of the causes behind tooth pain, and if they are not treated on time, you might lose your teeth. Most tooth pain can be prevented by maintaining regular oral hygiene and a routine visit to your dentist; however, if you feel a sudden throbbing pain, it’s better to contact an emergency dental service to get rid of the situation.

What are the symptoms?

Tooth pain and bleeding gums are quite common. Some people might also experience sensitivity to hot and cold food. The pain might remain for a few seconds after removing the stimuli. The pain here is temporary and might not need immediate attention, but when you visit your dentist for periodic exams, let him know about the issues. In case your pain persists, and you notice gum inflammation, then rush to an emergency room as the situation might get severe. The pain might move from your teeth to your jaws, cheeks, and ears.

If you notice gum swelling, blood, or discharge from your gums along with pain, it might indicate severe infection. Also, if you have had a sudden blow on your face that lead to an injured, fractured, or lost tooth, rush for emergency dental care immediately.

At Navarro Dental Clinic, we provide round the clock emergency dental services to take care of all your dental needs. Here, you will get experienced staff who will take care of your dental problems and help you with the necessary treatment to provide you with some relief from the pain.