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Bone Grafting

Dental implants for missing teeth are a popular solution mainly because they provide artificial roots to your replacement teeth. The implants are fixed in your jawbones, and within a few months, they get bonded to provide a permanent solution. The problem, however, arises if you do not have enough healthy bones in your jaws. You might have fewer bones due to developmental defects, gum diseases, face injury, etc. In such situations, bone grafting surgery can prove to be helpful. It is a surgical procedure to repair and rebuild your bones and the missing tissues. It is a painless procedure, but you might feel some temporary discomfort after the surgery has been performed.

Who needs bone grafting?

Anyone with missing teeth and less jaw bone density might need to undergo this treatment before placing dental implants. Jawbones play the most crucial part in fixing your implants, and if it is infected or is unable to provide the appropriate support, your dentist will suggest this surgery first. Tooth loss is one of the main reasons behind jawbone loss; thus, the more time you take to visit your dentist after your tooth loss, the higher is the chance of your jawbones getting eroded. So visit your dentist as soon as possible after you have lost your teeth.

Is bone grafting painful?

Bone grafting procedure at Navarro Dental Clinic is done by expert surgeons who look after your convenience and comfort. It is a painless procedure that our experts perform on outpatients. You will be sedated throughout the process, and once done, you will be ready for the dental implant treatment. So call us today to know more about this treatment.