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Scaling and root planning

Poor oral hygiene and infections can cause gum diseases, which can eventually lead to tooth loss. If you have stubborn gum diseases, your dentist might suggest you scaling and root planing procedures to prevent the periodontal issue from worsening. It is one of the best non-surgical ways of treating periodontitis. The process involves removing plaque and tartar from your teeth to improve its overall health. It is then followed by smoothing the rough spots on your tooth roots, promoting gum diseases by trapping bacteria. The treatment is executed by numbing your gums not to feel any discomfort or pain in the process.

Why is this treatment necessary?

Plaque is a sticky bacteria-filled layer that forms on your teeth. It can easily be removed by brushing and flossing regularly. In the case of poor oral hygiene, the plaque gets hardened to form tartar. It gets accumulated in your gum line and can cause severe gum diseases. With the help of scaling, your dental hygienist will be able to clean the area below your gums. Once done, follow your dentist’s advice and maintain proper oral hygiene to regain your pink and healthy gums.

Advantages of the treatment

There are several benefits of this treatment like:

  • It helps you to prevent gum diseases from spreading.
  • It prevents tooth loss due to periodontal problems.
  • It helps in preventing tooth decays too.

Do not live with periodontal problems. If you notice any changes in your gums or blood color from your gums while brushing, contact our experts at Navarro Dental Clinic immediately. The more you delay, the more your gum disease will spread, and you might end up losing your teeth.