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Oral Cancer Screening

Oral cancers are quite prevalent these days. It is a deadly disease that has taken the lives of many people. One of the main reasons people cannot treat oral cancers is because it is detected at a later stage. The later it is detected, the more severe it becomes, and the more difficult it gets to treat it. One of the best ways to detect oral cancer at an early stage is by doing screening by your dentists. Wherever you go for your periodic exams, ask your dentist to conduct an oral cancer screening and look for the probable signs. In case you feel any lump or sore in your oral region that won’t go away, visit your dentist right away. Screenings will not prevent your oral cancer, but it will help you attain the necessary treatment early, which is crucial.

When should I get an oral cancer screening?

Get an oral cancer screening each time you visit your dentist for your periodic dental exams. You can also come for additional checks in case you have the following symptoms:

  • A sore in your oral region that stays for long.
  • Red and white patches inside your mouth.
  • Tender, numb, and painful mouth or lips.
  • Facing difficulties while swallowing, chewing, or speaking.

If you face any of the above issues, do not delay and contact your dentist for a screening—people who have a history of oral cancer or regularly consume tobacco in any form are more prone to get this disease.

Oral cancer screening is a great preventive measure. It can save your life by giving you a chance to get treated at an early stage. So the next time you come for your periodic exams at Navarro Dental Clinic, do not forget to discuss the screening process. We have experienced dentists and state of the art technological equipment here, using which we will detect the issue. In case we find anything wrong with the report, we will refer you to the concerned doctor right away.